Othersode #91: But What if It Did? / Irish Wish

You probably didn’t think we were going to cover the new Lindsay Lohan Netflix film Irish Wish…but what if we did?? Come along to the Emerald Isle with the squad and special guest Nathan Simmons, co-host of Oh! That’s a Scary Movie podcast, as we discuss the nature of wishes, what it means to “be” Irish, couture fashion, and the James Joyce of it all. Plus, enjoy a very special tangent on the screenwriter and her many, many favorite things. Read along for our next Bookpisode about The Sun Sets in Singapore by Kehinde Fadipe on 4/16, and check out the Peacock series Apples Never Fall (based on the Liane Moriarty novel) for our next Othersode on 4/23. PS: We would loooove a five-star rating if the spirit of St. Brigid moves you! 

0:30 — Welcome, Nathan! And icebreaker
10:50 – Movie intro
13:20 – What’s this movie’s whole deal?
20:02 – The wish
41:28 – Who wrote this?? And more miscellaneous comments 
51:53 – What is everyone wearing?
56:32 – Why is this set in Ireland?
59:00 — James Joyce
1:07:03 – Ratings 
1:09:54 – Reedback 
1:12:00 – What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

Links: https://www.vulture.com/article/netflix-irish-wish-is-an-ai-generated-harbinger-of-doom.html

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