Othersode #89: Is She Getting Hotter? / Mean Girls: The Musical

Get in, losers; we’re listening to a podcast the whole way there! Join the Book Squad, aka the Army of Skanks, to discuss the new Mean Girls movie, which IS in fact a musical. We talk about our individual histories with Mean Girls, the music and singing, the performances, and changes that worked and didn’t from the original. Next we catch up with what’s on the blog and Kelli shames listeners (Send feedback! Leave a rating! Write a review! Become a patron!). Read along for our next Bookpisode on Rouge by Mona Awad, featuring special guest Mary Kay McBrayer on 2/20. Then brace yourself for whatever This Is Me…Now is because we’re discussing it on our next Othersode on 3/5.

:30– Welcome! And Icebreaker
9:40– Movie intro and spoiler warning
29:54– What was up with the marketing?
40:45– The cast and the music
1:00:40– Changes the new adaptation made
1:14:10– What’s on the blog? What’s up next? Kelli’s shame corner

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