Othersode #88: Suika Fixed My Marriage / Our Favorite Things of 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of year – time for our (pretty much) annual “Best of the Year” episode! Join us as we chat about our favorite pop culture from 2023. Plus, hear from some of our 2023 guests on their favorite things of the year. Read along for our next Bookpisode on Biography of X by Catherine Lacey on January 23rd, and go see Mean Girls for our next Othersode on February 6th! Send us your highlights of 2023 via DM or email at thesquad@booksquadgoals.com! Thanks for being with us in 2024!


2:34– Icebreaker
11:22–Round 1
30:24– Round 2
48:22– Round 3
1:07:30– Honorable mentions
1:20:30– Listener feedback!
1:28:00–What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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