Othersode #74: If I Can’t Have Two Men, I Can Have Cher / Interview with the Vampire

It might be nearly Christmas, but it’s always Halloween in our hearts, which is why this week we’re talking about the new television adaptation of Anne Rice’s classic, “Interview with the Vampire.” We’re joined by special guests Carrie and Todd for a discussion of vampire rules, how the show’s deviations from the source material play for us, how it stacks up against the original film adaptation, and, of course, gay stuff. If you have strong opinions like we do, please send us some feedback at thesquad@booksquadgoals.com and we’ll read it on our next othersode! Stay tuned for our next bookpisode (and our last of the year) where we’ll cover “The Weight of Blood” by Tiffany D. Jackson. Then, to ring in the new year, Susan will make her triumphant return for a hatepisode on Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us.” Follow us on social media @booksquadgoals, and visit our website at www.booksquadgoals.com. Oh, and happy holidays!

:30 – Welcome Ellis and Todd! And icebreaker
14:40 – Show summary
16:00 – Ch-ch-changes
25:30 – Daniel and Claudia
47:00 – Sex and intimacy
52:15 – The acting
1:03:20 – Armand
1:11:05 – Hopes for season 2
1:23:00 – Todd feedback
1:26:32 – What’s on the blog? What’s up next?


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