Othersode #67: Sometimes You Only Have So Many Voices Inside You / I Kissed Shara Wheeler

The Squad is joined by special guest, author Susie Dumond, to discuss I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston. We talk about “likable” characters, queer representation in YA books (featuring a special “Ask a Man” appearance by Todd), the book’s southern setting, and of course, Shara herself. Next, we chat with Susie about her book, Queerly Beloved! Read along for our next Bookpisode on June 13th on Book of Night by Holly Black. Then check out The Time Traveler’s Wife series on HBO for our next Othersode on June 27th. Send listener feedback to thesquad@booksquadgoals.com or DM us on the socials!

:30–Welcome to Susie and sad to say that Susan isn’t here! Icebreaker q.
8:24–We will be spoiling this book/book intro
10:46– Is Chloe “likable?” Does it matter?
21:19– Representation in YA books
37:58– How does this being set in the South change things?
43:13–Who is Shara? POV
56:28–Let’s rate!
1:03:54– Chat with Susie Dumond, author of Queerly Beloved!
1:32:21– What’s on the blog? What’s up next?

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