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Looking for a book club but don't have time to squeeze real-life meetings into your schedule? Join Book Squad Goals, a bi-weekly podcast about—you guessed it—books, plus all the garbage pop culture we consume when we’re not reading (that’s what our “othersodes” are for!). While you’re paying attention, check out our website & blog at, where we have weekly posts about books, pop culture, and probably our pets. We love our pets.

Othersode #35: Baby Yoda Is Better Than Breathing / Our 2019 Pop Culture Faves

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: #BSG Best of the Year episode time! The Squad breaks down each of our top three favorite pop culture things of 2019 — including books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, video games, and new music. Then we exchange Secret Santa gifts and give you that delicious ASMR wrapping paper noise you’ve been craving. Write to to tell us YOUR favorite things of 2019! Read along with us for our last #bookpisode of the year on Tommy Pico’s “Nature Poem” (12/30), and go see the new “Little Women movie” for our next #othersode on January 13!


:58 — Intro q: What’s a new thing you want to try this year?
7:29 — Favorite things! Mary’s #3: The Righteous Gemstones
12:45 — Susan’s #3: Here to Make Friends Live
17:15 — Emily’s #3: Baby Yoda
22:04 — Kelli’s #3: Booksmart
– Booksmart blog:
25:57 — Mary’s #2: Sekiro
– Bloodborne Blog:
30:20 — Susan’s #2: CRJ’s Dedicated
– CRJ Blog:
35:20 — Emily’s #2: Growing Things by Paul Tremblay
39:15 — Kelli’s #2: Fleabag season 2
43:06 — Mary’s #1: Orville Peck
47:40 — Susan’s #1: Scams and Fraud
– Elizabeth Holmes Blog:
– Fyre Fest Blog:
54:40 — Emily’s #1: Parasite
– Us Blog:
59:10 — Kelli’s #1: Keep It
1:05:47 — Secret Santies
1:24:31 — Feedback!
1:27:30 — What’s up next? What’s on the blog?

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