Onyx Boox Leaf 3C all set to launch on February 26

Onyx Boox is all set to launch a new e-reader later this month. As revealed in a teaser that the company leaked via its official Weibo account, the upcoming e-reader is named Onyx Boox Leaf 3C. The e-reader is slated to launch at 7 in the evening local China time on February 26th. The company isn’t revealing any other details except that it is going to be the first e-reader offering for 2024. Boox also stated the e-reader with its color e-paper display is going to be ideal for reading e-books as well as comics or other colored content.

The teaser image reveals precious little though much of what it is going to look like can be guessed easily. For instance, what is evident is that the Leaf 3C will have the same basic external design as that of the Leaf 3. No points for guessing, the Leaf 3C is going to be the colored version of the Leaf 3 e-reader. In that case, it can be quite safe to assume an asymmetrical build for the Page 3C as well where you have a portion that is slightly thicker than the rest. The thicker portion is also where the pair of page turn buttons are located. Also, a 7-inch Kaleido 3 display is expected to make up the top.

What the internal specs are going to be like is anybody’s guess at the moment. For reference, the Boox Leaf 3 features an octa-core processor coupled with 3 GB RAM. Also, it’s a 2300 mAh battery that keeps the Leaf 3 going. A dual-color front light feature is standard on the Leaf 3. The Leaf 3C shown in the leaked image comes with black-colored bezels but seems to sport a lighter shade for the rear.

Stay tuned for the complete details as it emerges. This e-reader is likely going to be only available for the domestic Chinese market.

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