Nic Bottomley on his Reading Spas and the future of Bookselling

Nic Bottomley is a bookseller, and co-owner with his wife Juliette of Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, an independent bookshop based in Bath that has twice been named UK Independent Bookshop of the Year. Prior to setting up shop Nic was a capital markets lawyer. He currently serves as Executive Chair of the Booksellers Association of UK and Ireland.  We spoke via Zoom about his innovative “Reading Spas,” about approaching customers, and reading related to passions and careers; other topics discussed include: themed displays, arrogant book selection, whether or not the bookselling model is broken, the Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle, honeymoons, butchery novels, work-related reading lists, paying attention to detail, biblio-therapy, work ethics, a bookshop’s personality, “the browse,” and way more. 

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