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This week, we are delighted to present a very funny, thoughtful and free-flowing conversation with a very old friend of the podcast, Nell Frizzell! We’ve been dreaming of having Nell appear on the show since it began, so we’re delighted to finally get the chance to chat. Nell is an author, journalist and podcaster. Her first novel was the hilarious Square One, while her first book, The Panic Years, dealt with womanhood, motherhood and… panic. Her latest is Holding the Baby, a memoir on parenting that culminates in a manifesto. We talked to Nell about fantastic literary fathers, the forbidden fruit of Bridget Jones, great fictional witches and deliberately not finishing a book because you love it so much. For your chance to appear on the podcast, pre-order Daisy’s next book Limelight from Details of Daisy’s event in Bath with Pineapple Street author Jenny Jackson are here.


Nell Frizzell – Square One

Nell Frizzell – Holding the Baby

Nell Frizzell – The Panic Years

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