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Minisode #6: We All Float / Stephen King’s IT

Join your favorite squad of “losers” on a journey through the sewers of Derry, Maine as we discuss the 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT.” How does Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise compare to Tim Curry’s performance in the 1990 miniseries? Why did director Andrés Muschietti give Mike’s character so little to do? How many clowns is TOO many clowns? Listen now for our thoughts, and don’t worry — you’ll float too.

0:29 – Intro (Where’s Susan? Who’s Ben?)

4:00 – What Losers Club member are you?
11:33 – Fear, “IT,” and the case of Pennywise
18:17 – Drooling, lip gloss, or both? The Babadook thinks it’s hot
21:00 – The scariest scene / Mary doesn’t understand projectors
22:57 – “We all float” – literally
27:17 – Our big problem: WHERE IS MIKE?!
33:06 – What’ll happen to Mike in the next movie –
37:55 – Suspicious adults and speculation about their roles
43:10 – Bev and sex and teen boys
47:00 – Bev’s biggest fear
49:50 – Emily has a crush on Jonathan Brandis (also, who is our fave new actor?)
55:16 – Ben doesn’t like the haunted house
59:40 – The weird kids TV show
1:01:00 – Child orgy. Yes it exists –
1:04:40 – Susan’s special message!

1:08:50 – A “Silver Linings Playbook” question for Ben!
1:10:53 – What’s next? What’s on the blog? Mother!!!

Thanks again to the inimitable Ben for filling in for Susan this week! Next time on #BSG: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood.

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