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Minisode #5: Sorting Orphans / Interview with Laurel Snyder

The Book Squad supports Susan in the next step of her Harry Potter journey: her official sorting! Find out what house she gets and what the other Squad members are. Plus, Emily interviews Laurel Snyder, author of ‘Orphan Island.’ They discuss where the idea for the book came from, YA and middle-grade literature, books that make you think, and, of course, pets! Be sure to enter our giveaway contest to win a signed copy of ‘Orphan Island!’ Details in the episode and on our website, (like a squid).

00:28 – Introduction: our favorite books as kids

7:35 – Speaking of JK, how do we feel about the Hogwarts houses?
13:58 – What house do you WANT to be in, Susan?
23:50 – The results! (and quiz analysis)
26:25 – Susan’s thoughts on HP Book 1

29:11 – Intro to ‘Orphan Island’ and Emily’s review
32:29 – Interview with Laurel Snyder
34:45 – What house is Laurel in?
37:04 – Where did the idea for the novel come from?
42.10 – Order & age on the island
44:48 – The neglected middle grades
46:30 – Do middle grade books get the middle grade experience wrong?
49:47 – Why is reading a survival skill in the novel, and why did Laurel mention the books she picks?
54:13 – Who does Laurel write for?
56:14 – Will there be a sequel?
58:30 – Or maybe a prequel?
60:50 – Free time! Extreme reactions to the book

63:16 – GIVEAWAY DETAILS: We are giving away an author-signed copy of ‘Orphan Island’ – to enter, leave us an iTunes podcast review and send us an email with your iTunes username so we know who you are! Details at
65:30 – What’s on the blog? What’s coming up?
69:13 – Next time on the podcast: our discussion of ‘Fates and Furies’ by Lauren Groff!

Thanks again to Laurel Snyder for taking the time to answer our questions! Learn more about ‘Orphan Island’ here:

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