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Minisode #4: Hate-pisode: The Couple Next Door

The Book Squad finally exorcises our anger over “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lapena, the book we love to hate, in our first ever hate-pisode. This book has everything: baby kidnapping, shoddy detective work, kinky sex games, and, of course, Zoloft. Listen as we throw shade at the mistreatment of mental illness, flat characters, non-thrilling “thriller” twists, and that batshit crazy ending. We even do some dramatic readings of the most ridiculous scenes and read some GoodReads reviews. Plus, what’s on the BSG blog and what we’re reading next!

00:30 – Intros and medication

1:53 – Goodreads summary…the drama!
3:40 – How did this podcast come to be? And more summary
10:45 – But who is the couple next door??
13:00 – “This is like the longest episode of Law and Order…but not good.”
16:28 – Ann and sympathy and bad bad writing
18:12 – Postpartum depression, mental illness, and twists (oh my)
26:40 – Hospitality Baskets (
28:38 – THE ZOLOFT SCENE, and discussions of medication
36:11 – Ok, back to the book. Is this detective even real? Does anyone know what postpartum depression is?
39:17 – The end of the book and how mental illness is the villain…again.
46:10 – Dramatic readings about postpartum depression
48:50 – How the book conceals information
50:20 – Ok, but for real, that ending
55:46 – Sue1958 reviews the book and we learn all about her life
1:01:19 – The implausible story train (choo choo)!
1:02:03 – Miss gives us a review we can agree with
1:04:15 – Sped up audiobooks and “The Girl with All the Gifts” by M.R. Carey (our next book)!

1:06:45 – What’s going on on the blog?
1:09:45 – We are all very excited Susan is reading Harry Potter!

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