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Minisode #3: Guess What? I’m a Woman Thing / The Handmaid’s Tale

The Book Squad dissects the blessed fruit that is Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ Hear our thoughts on the show’s political timeliness and its feminist wins (and shortcomings). We have lots of feelings about Serena Joy, as well as the fabulous red cloaks, and we’re weirded out that Elisabeth Moss is a Scientologist. Spoiler alert: people still really misunderstand feminism, but we try to get their minds right. Under His eye.

1:00 – Intros: How we are healthy

3:50 – Did we even read the book, though? How the show compares to the book/general thoughts on the show
11:00 – Symbolism and cinematography
12:13 – Things that have changed; the squad gets political
18:44 – SERENA JOY!
26:00 – Acting and actors – our preconceived perceptions
28:05 – Men in the show: are they boring or nah?
31:48 – Second season thoughts: unsatisfying endings
33:48 – Actors who say the show isn’t feminist/what even is feminism?
+ Read Margaret Atwood’s take here:
Also, Emily and Kelli have side blogs.
43:30 – Race in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale:’ “How can you talk about women’s issues and not talk about race issues?”
+ Read Angelica Jade Bastién’s Vulture piece here:
50:50 – Final thoughts – Mary loves capes and cloaks/Emily’s haunted school bus

52:47 – Next time on #BSG: A tale of group parenting, romance, and BBQ! Kevin Wilson’s ‘Perfect Little World.’
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