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I’m getting real about all things books and serving you up a bit of snark on the side.

Mini Ep. 52: A Couple Differing Opinions with Sarah Verity Collica (@seize_the_page)

In Mini Episode 52, Sarah Verity Collica (@seize_the_page) and I talk about a couple books we have differing opinions about…plus, She Said vs. Catch and Kill.

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  • A couple books that Sarah C. and I had different opinions about.
  • Sarah D’s issues with Liane Moriarty.
  • The similarities and differences between Catch and Kill and She Said…and Sarah C’s favorite of the two.
  • Ronan Farrow’s dispute with his publisher about Woody Allen’s memoir.
  • A quick overview of the differences between publishers and imprints.
  • Where Sarah D. goes for book reviews from regular readers vs. critics.
  • Sarah D.’s speculation about the Transcendent Kingdom’s shifting publication date.
  • Edelweiss benefits beyond just requesting e-galleys from publishers.

Sarah’s Book Recommendations

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Sarah works full time for a summer camp and year-round retreat center. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband two daughters and two dogs. Sarah has been an avid reader since she was little and could often be found sitting in the corner at family events with a book or staying up late reading under the covers. She read Babysitters Club books until she was way too old and started stealing her mom’s Danielle Steele books when she was way too young.   Next Episode

Spring 2020 Book Preview with Catherine from Gilmore Guide to Books (airing Wednesday, April 1).

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