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Sarah’s Bookshelves Live is a weekly show featuring real talk about books and book recommendations from a featured guest. Each week, Sarah of the blog Sarah’s Bookshelves will talk with her guest about:


I’m getting real about all things books and serving you up a bit of snark on the side.

Mini Ep. 33: Stephenie Freeman from @reads.on.wednesdays

In Mini Episode 33, Stephenie Freeman from @reads.on.wednesdays talks about hyped books, #bookstagram FOMO…and shares her book recommendations! 

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  • Managing #bookstagram FOMO.
  • Our nervousness about The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.

Stephenie’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She DIDN’T Love

Three NEW RELEASES She’s Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Stephanie

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I read every day of the week, not just on Wednesdays. Even random days deserve a good book. My books of choice include contemporary fiction and literary fiction, and every once in awhile I like to throw short stories, a memoir, or some historical fiction in the mix. I love using my Instagram like Tinder: a place where books and book lovers can meet and hook up.

My writing and blogging life started in 2005 after my youngest son was born. I self-published a book, Living with Cheese Eaters and Bald-Headed Monkeys, in 2006 based on my weekly newspaper humor column about motherhood, Mama Wants More. I (briefly) blogged for Disney on what eventually became their site, Babble. Through the years, my blog has naturally evolved as I have. I made the decision in 2018 to refocus and rename my blog for one reason: books and reading are what I love most.

I also love my two teenage boys and my husband who have piles of books of their own. Growing up in Oklahoma and having lived in California for the last 13 years has given me the best of both worlds. Along with reading, I love to cook and I habitually redecorate my house. I’m legally blind and a New Year’s baby. 

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