Libranda, Zebralution Join on Audiobooks

Libranda, Zebralution

Spanish digital distributor Libranda-DeMarque and German distribution company Zebralution have partnered to coproduce, distribute, and market audiobooks with Spanish and Latin American publishers. Through this partnership, Spanish-language publishers will be able to access funding to produce audiobooks while retaining their license.

Publishers will also be able to collaborate in the production process, develop marketing campaigns with Zebralution, and distribute titles to global digital sales platforms through Zebralution and Libranda-DeMarque’s joint network of channels.

Libranda was acquired by Canadian digital content distributor DeMarque in 2018. Zebralution co-CEO Tina Jürgens said: “We understand that for publishers to thrive, they need to maintain control and ownership of their content, ensuring it reaches both existing readers and new audiences alike. That’s why our International Audiobook Division has taken a significant step by partnering with Libranda-DeMarque.”

Libranda-DeMarque managing director Arantza Larrauri, added: “The strategic agreement that Libranda has signed today with Zebralution, one of the most experienced and recognized companies in the audio world, is a unique opportunity for the publishers we work with. This alliance provides them with a very favorable model for the financing, production, and global distribution of their audiobooks, guaranteeing their presence in the widest and most diverse network of marketing channels.”

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