Kobo Plus Subscription Service Launched in Spain

Rakuten Kobo has announced the launch of the Kobo Plus e-book and audiobook subscription service in Spain. With this, avid readers in Spain will have access to more than 1.5 million e-books and over 200,000 audiobooks for a fixed monthly fee. Currently, Kobo is offering three plans to choose from to suit diverse reading requirements.

There is the Kobo Plus Read which will let you have unlimited access to only e-books for 8.99 € per month.

Then there is the Kobo Plus Listen plan which will let you have unlimited access to only audiobooks for an 8.99 € per month pay structure.

Finally, there is the Kobo Plus Read and Listen plan that will let you have unlimited access to both e-books and audiobooks for 11.99 € per month.

“At Kobo, our mission is to make reading lives better. Our Kobo Plus subscription does just that, giving booklovers the freedom to read as much as they want, whenever they want, for a low monthly fee. We are delighted to bring the subscription service to our Spanish readers so that they can enjoy their favourite stories without boundaries,” said Bart Robers, Director, Audiobooks and Global Subscriptions, Rakuten Kobo.

Apart from the Kobo range of e-reader and tablet devices, the Kobo Plus service can be accessed via the Kobo Books App available for both iOS and Android platforms. The service has a varied content type to offer which includes multiple choices for all genres. You also have the option to go through even a few chapters before opting to buy the same just in case it does not suit your taste. The launch timing is also perfect for summer, ensuring you’ll never run out of quality content to read or listen to during the warmer months.

Here are some of the titles Kobo Plus has to offer, which represent just a small sample of the complete catalog. Kobo also said the catalog is ever-growing, with more e-books and audiobooks being added every month.

Kobo is among a few e-reader manufacturers with almost a pan-world presence and poses direct competition to Amazon.  It recently launched the Kobo Clara Colour and the Kobo Libra Colour e-reader which happens to be its first foray into the color e-reader devices segment. It is also among the first among the Big Three e-reader manufacturers to come up with a color e-reader, beating even Amazon in the process. Both the Kobo color models have also been well received in the market as well.

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