Kindle Vella Awards More than $8 million to over 10,000 authors

Amazon Kindle Vella is celebrating their one year anniversary, the service has awarded more than $8 million to over 10,000 authors. Available in the United States, Kindle Vella stories are published one short episode at a time, each ranging from 600 to 5,000 words—and the first three episodes of every story are free. Kindle Vella is a mobile-first, interactive reading experience, with new episodes being published regularly.

Readers can find the Kindle Vella storefront in the Kindle app by going to the Discover tab and tapping on the Kindle Vella link in the top menu or searching by author name or story name in the Kindle app on Android and Fire devices.

Kindle Vella stories include new work from bestselling authors—including Audrey Carlan’s witty romance The Marriage Auction, Hugh Howey’s memoir Death and Life, and C. G. Cooper’s gripping thriller Daring Hope—as well as breakout debuts like Bard Constantine’s young adult fantasy The Pale Lord, Ryan King’s science fiction story Earth’s Exiles, and Callie Chase’s dystopia Bug.

“I’ve published close to 30 novels, and I’m enjoying the adventure of writing The Marriage Auction in this new format,” said #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author Audrey Carlan. “Kindle Vella works perfectly for an author who really wants to dig into their story and characters, and give the readers something they’ve never read before.”

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