Kindle Scribe Now Selling For its Lowest Price in Early Prime Day Sale

Of late, there has been more discounts offered on the Kindle Scribe than perhaps other Kindle devices. Now, the discounts are back again and is more lucrative than ever before. The Kindle Scribe is now selling for just $234, and is the lowest it has ever been since it was first launched back in end-2022.

The deal is however applicable only on the base model with 16 gigs of storage. The 16 GB Scribe together with the Basic Pen is now available for $234.99 which makes for a flat $105 discount over the regular price. When bundled with the Premium Pen, the Scribe is priced at $259.99 which again is $110 less than the usual price.

Interestingly, the above deal comes just days ahead of this year’s Prime Day sales event which is scheduled to take place on July 16th and 17th. The present deal is also only accessible to Prime members. So, for those who might have been contemplating joining the Prime membership program, this might well be the reason to opt for it. Amazon also offers a free trial period and you can always let go of the membership if you don’t find it suitable for you.

Meanwhile, this happens to be the only early Prime Day deal available on any Kindle model as of now. More might be joining the list. Stay tuned.

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