Jenny Lawson & Laura Belgray, TMI Queens. The Art of the Overshare

It's open books all the way with these two TMI queens and their no-holds-barred, hilarious ways. They're the perfect duo to break my 6-month hiatus from the show. What a hoot to be back with three-time New York Times best-selling memoirist Jenny Lawson (Broken, Furiously Happy, and Let's Pretend This Never Happened) and her blogtastic comedic twin, Laura Belgray, joining us here while on book tour for her debut memoir, the national bestseller, Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life when You're the F-ing Worst.

Y'all, this one's a mood booster! And a total love match, as you'll see. If you're in the mood to laugh and shake off the funk from your Doomscrolling, this is the show for you.

This may be Laura's first book, but she's one of the most successful career writers I know, starting in TV writing for NBC, HBO, USA, Nick at Night, Nickelodeon, TV Land, VH1, and others. Let's just say the girl gets around. Her blog and newsletters at Talking Shrimp are wildly popular (addictive!), as are her programs, like Inbox Hero and The Copy Cure, Laura's creation with Marie Forleo.

Join us as we dig into wisdom on crafting headlines, run-on sentences that hypnotize, avoiding husbands as beta readers, and how having children is like living with an undercover agent tapping all your phones. We also dish on hiding during Zoom calls, editing drunk, getting mailed boxes of dildos in the mail (like you do), blowjobs Laura gave in the early 90s, titties that grow back after reduction surgery, and the ghost living under Jenny's house.

I'm so happy you're here. Welcome. 

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