[ISBW] Jule Selbo and Inspiration for Different Genres


  • Brainstorming for NaNoWriMo Project

Good News Good News

  • Team Rejection count: 355

Main Topic: Inspiration for Different Story Genres

Station Eternity is OUT by the way. Go get your copy from your favorite bookseller!


Twitch schedule Oct. 31-Nov 3(Eastern time):

  • M 4:30pm: Ditch Diggers with Kameron Hurley
  • T 3:00pm: I Should Be Writing NaNoWriMo Launch!
  • W – Canceled for time being until I restructure
  • Th 3:00pm: I Should Be Writing – Live write? Chat? Who knows?

October 27, 2022 | Season 18 Ep 69 | murverse.com Copyright 2022, Mur Lafferty | CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License

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