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Interview with Anne Twomey and Nicole Caputo, the Founders of She Designs Books

Today we have an interview with Anne Twomey and Nicole Caputo, the founders of She Designs Books, an organization that looks to promote, support and celebrate female designers in books. And happy birthday to She Designs Books, which turned 1 earlier this this month! Find the full version of this episode’s show notes over on our website.

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Things Mentioned

Spine Magazine

Designers Mentioned

Kimberly Glyder

Nicolette Seeback

Na Kim

Jaya Miceli

Alison Forner


She Designs Books was launched in January 2018 as an organization with a mission of celebrating women designers in book publishing. We feature books and covers by women designers on social media and host gatherings and educational talks to connect, support, lift and create community.

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