IngramSpark: All Your Burning Questions Answered!

Want to learn how to get the most out of IngramSpark (Ingram Content Group’s publish-on-demand platform)? IBPA invited IngramSpark’s Business Development Manager Josh Floyd to “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to answer some of the most common questions publishers have about the popular platform, such as: When posting books onto the platform, should publishers make their books returnable or non-returnable? How does IngramSpark give publishers access to bookstores and libraries? Get answers to these questions and much more on this podcast episode!


Josh Floyd promotes the growth, sales, and brand of the IngramSpark platform to independent authors and publishers along with providing education to the industry about how best to utilize Ingram’s Publish-On-Demand services for bringing a new book to market or for breathing life into an out-of-print title. Josh received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies and a minor in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University.

Independent Book Publishers Association is the largest trade association for independent publishers in the United States. As the IBPA Member Liaison, Christopher Locke helps guide the 3,700+ members as they travel along their publishing journeys. As one of his major projects, he oversees the IBPA NetGalley program, which generates buzz and garners reviews for indie publishers’ titles. He’s also passionate about indie publishing, because he’s an author publisher himself, having published two novels so far in his YA trilogy, The Enlightenment Adventures.


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