How to Get Your Books into Retail Stores

A lot of independent publishers and author publishers focus a great deal of time and energy trying to get their books sold in bookstores, but there are a lot of other places you can sell your books that could be a perfect fit for your target readers. Angela Engel, who is the Publisher and Founder of The Collective Book Studio, has had great success in getting her authors’ books into the retail market, so she shares all her secrets on this episode!


When Angela Engel launched The Collective Book Studio she wanted to build a different kind of publishing business, one that adhered to the author’s vision every step of the way. Her experience in traditional publishing allows her to introduce beautiful books into the world, and she brings her passion for reading and sharing new ideas into every new project she undertakes.

Angela grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and now calls Oakland, CA, home. For many years she worked in sales and marketing for nationally known category leaders in publishing, including Chronicle Books, Ten Speed Press, Cameron + Company, Dwell Studio, and Moleskine. She has sold to key national and international retailers such as Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, and Target, and became a sought-after expert in the industry. Now, with The Collective Book Studio, she has the opportunity to provide authors the support they need to get a book out into the world, from start to finish.

During the quarantine, Angela established a fund to create and distribute 10,000 PPE face shields nationwide and has raised more than $35,000. In her (very little) spare time she loves running and cooking. She lives with her three wonderful daughters and her equally wonderful husband, Dan.






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