How Can Independent Publishers Get the Most Out of Amazon’s A+ Content?

One of the topics that independent publishers and author publishers always ask IBPA about is Amazon. Amazon is a juggernaut in the publishing industry and publishers want to know how to succeed in that marketplace. Amazon has a feature called A+ Content, which, if used properly, can be a helpful tool for publishers. So Amazon expert and i30 Media Corporation founder Ian Lamont visits “Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)” to share advantageous tips. Ian also gives updates on other Amazon topics, including: whether Amazon Advantage will ever reopen registration; issues with third-party sellers winning the “buy” button over publishers; and more!


Ian Lamont is the founder of i30 Media Corporation. His media career has spanned more than 20 years across three continents, including a stint in the British music industry and a six-year residence in Taipei, where he learned Mandarin and worked for a local TV network and newspaper. Returning to the Boston area, he shifted into digital media, building websites for Harvard University, developing online services for technology publisher IDG, and serving as managing editor of The Industry Standard blog platform and prediction market. Later, Ian founded two ventures, including a mobile software company and i30 Media, which publishes In 30 Minutes guides ( The guides help people understand mildly complex subjects, including business, software, and medicine.

Independent Book Publishers Association is the largest trade association for independent publishers in the United States. As the IBPA Member Liaison, Christopher Locke helps guide the 3,700+ members as they travel along their publishing journeys. As one of his major projects, he oversees the IBPA NetGalley program, which generates buzz and garners reviews for indie publishers’ titles. He’s also passionate about indie publishing, because he’s an author publisher himself, having published two novels so far in his YA trilogy, The Enlightenment Adventures.


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