How Becca’s Book Got Made

This week we’re recapping an accomplishment three years in the making: Becca’s book: The Christmas Orphans Club! To get a full overview of the process, we’re joined by her agent Allison Hunter and her editor Marie Michels. So grab your favorite festive bev and get ready for the behind-the-scenes story!



Olivia – “All-American Bitch” by Olivia Rodrigo 

Becca – Gilmore Girls & The Morning Show


What we read this week!

Becca – Fool Me Once by Ashley Winstead

Olivia – None of This is True by Lisa Jewell 


This Month’s Book Club Pick – Tom Lake by Ann Patchett (have thoughts about this book you want to share? Call in at 843-405-3157 or email us a voice memo at



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