Hilarious typos (and how to avoid them). Why do we ‘take’ a walk?

941. Whether you’ve been betrayed by autocorrect or your own fingers, almost everyone has made embarrassing typos. Even the Bible isn’t immune: typos led to an old version called the “Sinners Bible”! We have more hilarious examples and, better yet, some tips to help you catch those terrible typos in the future.. Plus, we explore the fascinating world of “light verb” and why we say we “take” a walk and “give” a presentation, even though we aren’t really taking or giving anything.

The light verbs segment was written by Edwin L. Battistella, who taught linguistics and writing at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, where he served as a dean and as interim provost. His books include Bad Language: Are Some Words Better than Others?, Sorry About That: The Language of Public Apology, and Dangerous Crooked Scoundrels: Insulting the President, from Washington to Trump. It originally appeared on the OUP blog and is included here with permission. Read the original

| Transcript: https://grammar-girl.simplecast.com/episodes/proofreading-tips/transcript

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