Hal Elrod: Self-Pub Superstars, Part 1 of 2

Ever feel like you need a miracle to realize your big dreams? Let me introduce you to my miraculous client and friend Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning: The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8 AM. With over 3.5 million books sold, you'd think he'd have started with a top-five publisher. Instead, he launched a worldwide movement (the book series, a daily app, and a documentary featuring some of your heroes) on his own, self-publishing after his first two agent rejections! Say what? I'd just gotten started sending him out! But thankfully, Hal followed his instincts.

It's been a show highlight for me to cover the topic of self-publishing—something I haven't yet done here. Stay tuned if you've ever thought you couldn't make a fortune being your own publisher. Hal (and Dr. Jody Carrington, the author in the second episode) have wildly exceeded anything I thought possible without a traditional publisher's support, earning millions of dollars and more importantly, having a massive impact. 

As you're about to hear, Hal has repeatedly stared death in the face, overcoming nearly insurmountable tragedy. But you wouldn't know it by his attitude or his gratitude. Luckily, his miraculous mindset is fast, fabulous, and, in many ways, foolproof. 


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