Getting Into Comics: A Newbie’s Guide To Getting Started Reading Comic Books

Hosted ByTim Paige

The movies are great. The shows are fantastic. So you've been thinking about Getting Into Comics. But where do you start? There are so many choices! Almost a century's worth of stories! And 23 different versions of Deadpool! Whether you've never picked up a comic book in your life, or you read them when you were younger and want to pick it back up again, that's what Getting Into Comics is all about. It's the show that demystifies the world of comic books -- hosted by Tim Paige, who has recently rediscovered his love of comics after over a decade, but waited far too long to get back into it because of the confusion involved with trying to get started.

On Getting Into Comics -- we'll talk about the books we're reading and break down some of the story, to help you decide if that book is right for you. We'll share our ideas on where to start based on what you like. We'll define the terms that might be confusing. And we'll be in it together. No snobbiness. No feeling like a n00b. Just embracing the absolute insanity that is the world of comic books, and falling in love with a medium that can provide you entertainment for life. This is Getting Into Comics, with your host, Tim Paige.

GIC 005: Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Publishing

On today’s issue, we’re featuring a special guest and a slightly different format than usual. We get to welcome Ted Adams, the CEO from IDW Publishing.

We also introduce a brand new contest! Details on how you can win the Captain America: Civil War box from Marvel and Funko’s Collector Corps are here: GETTING INTO COMICS GIVEAWAY!!! (The deadline is Sunday! Don’t miss it!)


This issue is different than usual. Ted and I got a chance to discuss the current state of the comic book industry, what’s going on at IDW, how to get into comics for the first time, and what the future looks like. It’s a great insight into the industry that comic fans new and old can appreciate!

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