Write-minded Podcast

Hosted ByBrooke Warner & Grant Faulkner

Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers is for writers craving a unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the ups and downs of the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each theme-focused episode of Write-minded features an interview with a writer, author, or publishing industry professional. There’s always a takeaway at the end of each show for listeners, too. Brooke and Grant interview writers, authors, and publishing industry folks, and bring to this weekly podcast their shared spirit of community, collaboration, and a deeply held belief that everyone is a writer, and everyone’s story matters.

Getting Serious about the Importance of Playfulness, with Maw Shein Win

Shake-up your lockdown week with some games, writing prompts, and exercises designed to help you think outside the box—and also to have fun with your writing. While there’s a lot to worry about and be distracted by right now, for creatives, this can also be an expansive time, even an opportunity. Guest Maw Shein Win offers so many fun ideas and suggestions, even a few writing games and activities you can do with your kids (or grandkids via Zoom) to vary up their at-home days.

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