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Welcome to Deadline City: a podcast and a destination. We are two New York City-based authors who share an office and work on multiple books at a time. Between us, we have 40 books published and under contract, and we’re just getting started. If you’ve seen us on the road, you know how we cut up. We like to have fun and talk about the one thing that is always on our minds: creating books. Publishing is a big scary world to many of us, and our goal is to pull back the curtain on some of the mystery by simply talking about it. In our first season, we want to dig into subjects like YA fiction, editing, reading reviews, burnout. Most of the time, you publish a book and then you’re at a loss for what comes next. How do you navigate the industry and then still manage to write more books? That’s a journey we’re on and know that so many others are on the same road. We hope you come along for the ride.

Episode 7 – Destination: The Land of Disappointment

This week we get really honest about the ups and downs that come with the publishing journey. You write the book, you query, you get an agent, you get a book deal. Simple right? What do you do when the goalposts keep moving? And what happens when the road to success has one (or too many) unexpected wrong turns? Every writer might find themselves in the Land of Disappointment at some point during their career. Maybe for a day and maybe for a longer stretch. We’ve been there! Thankfully, there are things we can do to get out of Dodge. Grab your deadline buddy, and join us.

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