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Join Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary Inc. and Jennifer Udden of Barry Goldblatt Literary LLC as we discuss books, publishing, writing, fandom, and more!

Episode 63: The Slow Realization That Nothing Makes Sense

In this episode, Bridget and Jen discuss world building- how to do it, what not to do, and examples of when it’s done right. Also, typos, covers, and more! This episode’s topic suggested by Elyse Martin on twitter. 

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Discussed in this episode: 

Sanderson’s First Law by Brandon Sanderson How Lord of the Rings Should Have EndedCharlie Jane Anders’ World Building Thread C.M Waggoner – Unnatural Magic Emily Duncan – Wicked Saints Zen Cho – Sorcerer to the Crown W.L. Goodwater – Breach Ngozi Ukazu – Check Please!  Dylan Meconis – Queen of the Sea N.K. Jemisin – The Fifth Season Robert Jackson Bennett – City of Stairs A Fan Rewrote Season 8 of Game of Thrones – Goes Viral on Reddit!  Lois McMaster Bujold – The Vorkosigan Saga Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games Tim Powers – The Anubis Gates Kate Racculia – Bellwether Rhapsody Ellen Raskin- The Westing Game

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