The Book Project

Hosted ByAlanna McMullen

The Book Project is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to the discussion of a range of book-related topics from today's trends, controversies, must-reads, and other topics in the field of publishing. The Book Project is hosted by Master's of Publishing student Sarah Corsie, and is for publishers, editors, and those who simply love books as much as we do. (Previously known as Project: Room.)

Episode #13: A New Player Has Joined the Game

On this episode of The Book Project, Sarah gets her head out of the books and learns about video game narratives from brilliant gamer girl Zoë Tustin. We learn the difference between embedded and emerging narrative, discuss how games reflect our present reality, and briefly touch on what we should have learned from #gamergate.

Recommendations this week are His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet, Resident Evil 7, and The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King. Spoiler: No happy endings here.

This episode can be found on iTunes.

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