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Ep. 8: Carla from Happiest When Reading (Tracking Your Reading)

In Episode 8 (the episode in which I have a really bad cold and don’t sound like myself!), Carla from @happiestwhenreading and I talk fitting in reading amongst our mom activities, reading goals, and tracking your reading!

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  • How we read so much as stay-at-home moms.
  • Carla’s finicky relationship with e-books…and, the only time Sarah reads hard copy books.
  • Why Sarah didn’t set a quantity-based reading goal for 2019.
  • The difference between achieving your reading goals and being happy with your reading.
  • Setting a reading quantity goal that feels right for you.
  • Tracking the publishers you have the most success with (and our top publishers).
  • Tracking your recommendation sources.
  • Carla’s 2 big 2019 reading goals.
  • Our mutual love of dark, gut-punching books.

Carla’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She Didn’t Love

One Upcoming Release She’s Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Carla

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As a stay-at-home mama to two “tween” kids, I finally have more time to dedicate to reading. I have loved getting back into a passion of mine that I’ve had since I was a small girl. But sadly, what I quickly came to realize is that I really don’t have a lot of local reading friends. As a way to connect with others who love to read just as much as I do, I started my “Bookstagram” account (@happiestwhenreading). This community has given me a place to engage in bookish conversations, and I can truly say I have made so many online friendships that I’m truly grateful to have.

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