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Reading Women releases new episodes every Wednesday. Each month features two episodes on the same theme—one highlighting a range of titles and one discussing two titles more in depth—and two author interviews with women writers whose work we’ve loved.

Ep. 67 | Working Class Stories

For June, Kendra, Autumn, and Jaclyn discuss books that feature working class stories. You can find the full version of the show notes for this episode, including a full transcript, on website.

Things MentionedThe Stella PrizeReading Women Month!Jaclyn’s BookTube ChannelInterview with Elizabeth CatteWest Virginia University Press

Books MentionedAppalachian Reckoning: A Region Responds to Hillbilly Elegy edited by Anthony Harkins and Meredith McCarrollBlack is the New White by Nakkiah Lui (AU, Allen & Unwin)Where the Line Bleeds by Jesmyn WardHeartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth by Sarah SmarshGhost Wall by Sarah MossThe Affairs of the Falcóns by Melissa Rivero

Currently ReadingThe Missing of Clairdelune by Christelle Dabos (translated from French by Hildegarde Serle)Black Is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine by Emily BernardAn Unrestored Woman by Shobha Rao


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