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Ep. 62: Behind-the-Scenes of Book Marketing with Morgan Hoit (@nycbookgirl, Avid Reader Press)

In Episode 62, Morgan Hoit (Associate Marketing Manager at Avid Reader Press & @nycbookgirl) and I go behind-the-scenes of book marketing…including read-alikes, celebrity book clubs, author blurbs, and cover art. Morgan also shares some of her favorite memoirs, a genre she’s been loving lately.

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  • How Morgan made the jump from #bookstagrammer to working for a publisher.
  • The most surprising thing she learned when she began working for a publisher.
  • Who the “quarterback” is for a book.
  • How the process of coming up with a book’s marketing plan works (including how much the author is involved).
  • How Avid tracks #bookstagrammers’ reading taste.
  • Morgan’s take on posting negative reviews online.
  • How coronavirus has changed book marketing (and the changes Morgan thinks might live on post-coronavirus).
  • The “holy grail” of celebrity book clubs.
  • How those read-alikes are chosen.
  • How publishers get author blurbs for their books.
  • How publishers choose cover art.

Morgan’s Book Recommendations [32:52]

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

Two Books She DIDN’T Like

One NEW RELEASE She’s Excited About

Rate It Game [49:15] Other Books Mentioned

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About Morgan

Blog | Instagram | Twitter

Prior to joining Avid Reader Press, Morgan worked as an Associate at Jill Furman Productions for two and a half years, where she assisted in the producing of new plays and musicals for Broadway and the NYC theater industry. At Avid Reader Press, Morgan is the voice of the imprint on social media and also manages title marketing campaigns, working closely with authors on their digital presence and social media strategy. In her free time, Morgan is also the content creator and book worm behind nycbookgirl – a blog dedicated to book recommendations, guides to NYC, and more.  She was born in NYC and raised in New Jersey, and she graduated from Duke University magna cum laude with degrees in English and Theater Studies.

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There will not be a new episode next week since the podcast is on its bi-weekly summer schedule.

The following week, there will be a full length episode featuring Helena Dea Bala, author of Craigslist Confessional (airing July 8).

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