Ep 433: I’m not afraid of a fifty-hour audiobook

Audiobook lovers, today’s conversation will help you make the most of your audiobook credits, whether you love short or long listens.

Stephanie Van Parys is a devoted gardener in Decatur, Georgia, where she loves to pair audiobooks with working in the dirt. Since she discovered this way of merging her two passions back in 2020, she’s never looked back: these days almost all her reading is done in audio format.

Today, Anne and Stephanie talk about the audiobooks that keep Stephanie weeding, and the fresh perspectives she’d love to bring into her listening routine. Stephanie would especially love to discover new-to-her authors from places other than the US or the UK, which you will hear more about in today’s show. Anne has suggestions to keep Stephanie’s summer reading in bloom.

Visit our show notes page to see how you can connect with Stephanie, and view the full list of titles mentioned in today’s conversation. That’s at whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/433.

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