Ep 432: Live from Word of South: Lauren Groff talks Time 100, her new bookstore, and Florida!

Joining Anne today in a live conversation from the recent Word of South festival is listener favorite Lauren Groff!

This conversation happened in the midst of a big moment for Lauren: she was recently recognized on the Time 100 list, and her new bookstore, The Lynx, just opened in Gainesville, Florida.

Lauren and Anne talk about what led Lauren to open The Lynx and her goals for this new independent bookstore. Their discussion explores a range of readerly topics, like Lauren’s love for short stories, her writing process, the intersection of music and writing, and exploring stereotypes in real life and on the page. They also touch on the connection between Lauren, Florence Welch, and the Taylor Swift song, Florida!, and Lauren shares the book she’s recommending lately.

Chime in with the books you’d love to buy from The Lynx in the comments section of our show notes page, where we’ve also compiled the full list of titles discussed today. That’s at whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/432.

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