Ep 429: Live from Word of South: the books we can’t stop recommending

Anne recently attended Tallahassee’s recent Word of South Festival of Literature and Music, and today we’re sharing her live conversation about all things reading with Festival Director Sara Marchessault and Kati Schardl.

Book festivals offer so much potential for discovery, by connecting readers with writers they already love, new authors to experience, and often, books that capture the spirit of the region. Today, Sara, Kati and Anne talk about the books they’ve been reading lately, the titles they can’t stop recommending to others, the epic fails when these recommendations fall flat, and what they learn about themselves and other readers in the process.

They wrap up with some great conversation on summer reading moods, and Anne recommends a handful of titles they can add to their summer reading stacks. Find that list of the titles mentioned in today’s conversation at our show notes page, at whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/429.

For more live book talk with our great community, join us for our thirteenth annual Summer Reading Guide launch party. Listen in as Anne takes you through 42 hand-selected reads to pair with your summer adventures and activities. Join us on May 16th – find out more, save your seat, and pre-order your guide right here. 

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