Big Gay Fiction Podcast

Hosted ByJeff Adams & Will Knauss

The Big Gay Fiction Podcast is for avid readers and passionate fans of gay romance fiction. Each week we bring you exclusive author interviews, book recommendations and explore the latest in gay pop culture.

Ep 265: Fifth Anniversary Celebration & Listener Favorite Adriana Herrera

The podcast celebrates its fifth anniversary as Jeff & Will unveil a new theme song composed by author Daryl Banner as well as some changes to the podcast format.

The Big Gay Fiction Book Club selection for November is revealed: “The Christmas Deal” by Keira Andrews. The next episode of Big Gay Fiction Live is also announced for November 18 and it will feature holiday storytime with four favorite narrators.

Jeff reviews Adriana Herrera’s “American Christmas” before introducing Adriana’s Listener Favorite interview. In this flashback to May 2019, Adriana talks about the inspiration for the “Dreamers” series and the characters she wanted to represent. She also discusses “Finding Joy,” which is one of her books that came out earlier this year.

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