What Should I Read Next?

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What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.

Ep 238: Windows, mirrors, and why We Need Diverse Books

Today’s guest Lamar Giles credits his love of reading to his mom who was always willing to buy him a book. Today Anne and Lamar chat about children’s books, horror novelist Stephen King, great novels where the setting is a character in its own right, and the importance of mirrors on the bookshelf.

This episode was recorded and aired last year as Episode 186: Finding the book that feels like it was written just for you. This is the perfect listen for early summer, when you might have young readers at home looking for something to keep them busy. But it’s also a great time to revisit this one as we also have a deep conversation about We Need Diverse Books the non-profit of which Lamar’s a founding member, and the important work that’s still to be done in the literary world.

Click over to the podcast website for a list of books mentioned in this episode:http://whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/238

In this episode, Lamar talks about juggling two book releases in 2019. He’s back at it again this year with another 2 releases: Not So Pure And Simple, a YA book came out in January and The Last Mirror on the Left a sequel to last year’s middle grade novel The Last Last-Day-of-Summer is due out in October.

You can discover more about Lamar’s books atwww.lamargiles.com, follow him on Twitter@LRGiles.

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