What Should I Read Next?

Hosted ByAnne Bogel

What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.

Ep 231: Lush literary novels with page-turning appeal

Today, Anne’s exploring a genre that’s on the rise these days… ecofiction! Reader Katy Yocom is constantly on the hunt for absorbing novels with plots that not only incorporate the natural world, but ones in which the story absolutely depends upon it. Anne’s challenge today is to pick 3 well-written titles for Katy that paint a lush portrait of natural life without losing that “page turning” appeal.

Click over to the podcast website for the transcript and full list of books mentioned in this episode:http://whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/231

You can read more about Katy’s book Three Ways to Disappear at KatyYocom.com and follow her on Instagram @katyyocom1

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