Big Gay Fiction Podcast

Hosted ByJeff Adams & Will Knauss

The Big Gay Fiction Podcast is for avid readers and passionate fans of gay romance fiction. Each week we bring you exclusive author interviews, book recommendations and explore the latest in gay pop culture.

Ep 21: Writer’s Group, Hallmark Withdrawal, X-Files & More

Jeff & Will kick off the week talking about books they’ve finished–The Stolen Suitor by Eli Easton and Writing to the Point by Algis Budrys. Jeff discusses his withdrawal pains over the lack of new Hallmark Channel original movies. The guys discuss their disappointment with The X-Files six episode event and look at this week’s announcement that Samhain Publishing is shutting down. There’s an update on Chris Fox’s 21 Day Novel Writing Challenge and the guys talk about heading off the Dreamspinner author conference this week.

Last week’s Question of the Week is recapped with some answers from the listeners as well as additional commentary (you can see all the responses in this week’s shownotes). Will interviews Jeff about the writer’s group he is part of and how it’s become part of his process. The new Question of the Week is also unveiled: “As a reader, what’s your favorite POV and why?” Answers to the question can be left in the comments section below.

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