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Ep. 17: The Pingel Sisters

In Episode 17, Jaclyn and Rachael (aka the Pingel Sisters) join me to talk sisterly reading and share their book recommendations.

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  • Why the Pingel Sisters transitioned their blog from a lifestyle blog to a book blog.
  • Our feelings about book reviews vs. book lists (reading them and writing them).
  • Rachael and Jaclyn’s vastly different reading quantities.
  • Rachael and Jaclyn’s different approaches to DNFing books (although Rachael is trying to come around).
  • Why reading so many books a year causes Rachael not to be quite as picky.
  • Rachael and Jaclyn’s very different reading tastes.
  • The classic Jaclyn couldn’t stand (and Sarah plans to never pick up).
  • Rachael’s Type A Book Club tendencies (which introduced her to contemporary fiction).
  • The mother of all Reading Challenges.
  • Why we all do not participate in Readathons.

Rachael’s and Jaclyn’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books They Love

Two NEW Books They Love

Two Books They Didn’t Love

Two New Releases They’re Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About The Pingel Sisters (Jaclyn and Rachael)

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About Jaclyn

Jaclyn and her husband Steve met while studying psychology in college. They graduated together and were married the very next day. From there, they decided Steve would get a PhD while Jaclyn would pursue her career in higher education fundraising. She’s currently the Annual Giving Manager at UNC School of the Arts – a fabulous job where she can combine her nonprofit expertise with her love for the arts. Of the two of us, Jaclyn is much more the creative soul behind our blog inspiring all our visuals as well as our overall vision for our book blog.

Jaclyn and Steve are the proud parents of an energetic Little Boy, a dog and two cats. You’ll often find Jaclyn volunteering at a local nonprofit, re-reading her favorite books again and again, convincing herself she likes the gym, or playing Pokemon Go.

About Rachael

Ever since started this book blog, people often ask Rachael if she studied English or writing in college. Actually, Rachael graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. She still acts as a math tutor for the neighborhood kids from time to time. In fact, her math degree has given her computer programming experience and a meticulous eye for detail. All these skills have combined to make her excellent at all the behind-the-scenes aspects of blogging.

Rachael currently lives in Utah, married to her favorite person in the entire world – Mark, the engineer. (Though, Jaclyn comes in at a close second.) They have four adorable little children ages 7 and under. Rachael loves to read in her pajamas, explore the outdoors with her little ones, and scheme up vacations to every inch of the globe.

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