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Ep. 14: Lindsey J. Palmer (Author of Otherwise Engaged)

In Episode 14, Lindsey J. Palmer (author of Otherwise Engaged) joins me to talk about her book and her reading and writing life.

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  • Lindsey’s interviews with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (from Friday Night Lights).
  • Authors pulling from real life for their fiction…and how that impacts their real life friends and family.
  • Lindsey’s experience writing a novel (her second, If We Lived Here) that pulled parts from her own marriage.
  • If Lindsey is able to choose a favorite of her own books.
  • How Lindsey manages to write novels with a full-time job and a two year old child.
  • When Lindsey fits in reading time.
  • Lindsey’s Go-To Authors.
  • Why publication day is both the best and worst day of authors’ lives.
  • What Lindsey thinks of the term “chick lit”.

Lindsey’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She Didn’t Love

One Upcoming Releases She’s Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Lindsey

Author Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

After a childhood spent devouring every book and magazine I could get my hands on and dreaming up stories that took place along the Oregon Trail, I left the suburbs of Boston to attend the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. As an English major and Benjamin Franklin Honors Scholar, I continued devouring every book and magazine I could get my hands on and dreaming up stories (most of which didn’t take place along the Oregon Trail).

Post-college, I shipped out to bucolic Vermont to teach creative writing and Pilates to high school kids at a summer arts camp. There, I picked blueberries, ran across rolling hills, and realized I was not nearly mature enough to be teaching anyone much of anything.

And so I moved to Manhattan and broke into magazine publishing, starting at Glamour and then moving on to Redbook and next Self, where I was Features Editor. I worked on stories about relationships and sex, parenting, social activism, career and finances, and well-being; I interviewed the occasional V.I.P. (including Michelle Obama and both Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, a.k.a. Coach and Mrs. Taylor for Friday Night Lights fans); and I gathered material for what would eventually become my debut novel, PRETTY IN INK.

After nearly a decade in publishing, I decided I was finally ready to try my hand at teaching again. So I waved goodbye to magazines and began my Master’s of English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. I took classes on Shakespeare and adolescent literature, and talked books with teenagers. I then joined the faculty of NEST+m, a Manhattan public high school, as the A.P. Literature and Creative Writing teacher, plus advisor of the literary magazine, the yearbook, and National Honor Society. During my three years of teaching, I aspired to be a slightly more down-to-earth reincarnation of my favorite fictional teacher, Miss Jean Brody.

These days, I work as a scriptwriter at BrainPOP, an animated educational site for kids. I spend my days researching topics as diverse as Nuclear Fusion, Emily Dickinson, and the Tuskegee Airmen, and then translating what I’ve learned into an engaging, narrative format. My scripts get made into short films to be shown in classrooms grades 4-10, nationwide and around the world.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and 1-year-old daughter.

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