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E37: Ep #37: It Probably Won’t Be The Otter

Jess and Trisha do a bit of follow-up, discuss an article about the online abuse romance writers face, mention a few releases for the second half of 2019 that they’re looking forward to, and shout out some underrated romance authors.

This episode is sponsored byLibro.fm audiobooks,Her Other Secretby HelenKay Dimon, andBrazen and the Beastby Sarah MacLean.

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Apologies again for our error when talking aboutThawby Elyse Springer last week!

By way of follow-up, you might want to check out thePatreon for The Lesbian Review.

Here’s thatNicholas Sparks statementwe mentioned.

Jess tracked down a few tweets that relate to the “sex on the page” conversation we had, and you can find themhere,here,here,here, andhere.

Here’s theGlamour articlewe discussed about the ways romance writers are targets for abuse online. As we mentioned on the podcast, CW for abuse.

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Her Perfect Affairby Priscila Oliveras (but like we said, also readHer Perfect Partner)

Craving Flightby Tamsen Parker

The Key to Happily Ever Afterby Tif Marcelo

The Ballad of Whiskey Jaxby Avon Gale

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanicsby Oliva Waite

One Day to Fallby Therese Beharrie

Sapphire Flamesby Illona Andrews

The Wallflower Wagerby Tessa Dare

Blitzed(andInterceptedandFumbled) by Alexa Martin

Love On My Mindby Tracey Livesay

The Unleashingby Shelly Laurenston

Only for a Nightby Naima Simone

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavorsby Sonali Dev

Taking the Leadby Cecelia Tan

The Fandom series by Cathy Yardley (Level Upis the first book)

Perfect RhythmandNot the Marrying Kindby Jae

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