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When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

E26: Ep #26: Either Saluting You or Calling You Out

Jess and Trisha celebrate their first pod-iversary, have some words for people who aren’t inclusive readers, discuss the characteristics of a good romance novella, and recommend some of their favorites.

This episode is sponsored byThe Read Harder Journal by Book Riotand by theAvon Kisscon Weekend Affair.

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Here’s a thread on thekind of disruption romanceis actually in need of right now.

And if you need good options for books coming out in early 2019,just read the listBook Riot’s Silvana Reyes Lopez put together.


Untouchableby Talia Hibbert

Only for a Nightby Naime Simone

Once Ghosted Twice Shyby Alyssa Cole

Her Every Wishby Courtney Milan

Craving Flightby Tamsyn Parker

Welcome to Seaportby Katrina Jackson

Ghostby Robin Convington

Rogue Desireby many authors (including Grassroots/Loving the Secret Billionaireby Adriana Anders)

Rogue Nightsby many authors

The Seal’s Rebel Librarianby Anne Calhoun

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