Dr. Jody Carrington: Self-Pub Superstars, Part 2

I can't with this soulmate client. I'm pressed for words to share how much I love this woman, author, and communicator. I promise you've never met anyone like Dr. Jody Carrington. I call her Canada's Brené Brown (mixed with some Jerry Seinfeld), so that's close. But, well. Just see for yourself.

When I met Jody at one of my Carmel retreats at the start of her writing career, it only took two minutes to know that I was sitting with a superstar. I'd never before encouraged someone to forgo traditional publishing and run straight into self-publishing, but that was the vibe. Within months, Jody had sold so many pre-orders for Kids These Days: A Game Plan for (Re)Connecting with Those We Teach, Lead, & Love that she funded her first two printings. A quarter of a million books later and a second in the series (Teachers These Days: Stories and Strategies for Reconnection), Jody was approached by a top-five publisher for her latest book, Feeling Seen: Reconnecting in a Disconnected World.

Jody is a mama, a wife, a speaker, and a connector. She's a first responder, the rare psychologist who cherishes going into schools AFTER a school shooting to soothe hearts and minds. Her capacity for caring for her people (and other people's people) is unending. Plus, she has the most delightful potty mouth while simultaneously making you laugh and cry. 

I could write my own book on her countless accomplishments and benefits, and I will. I want to get this posted now before a day of appointments. But for now, I'll close by saying that if you want to write, speak, and touch the masses, you couldn't be in better hands. 


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