Doraemon Plus New Volume to Release in December for Readers

Doraemon Plus

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The highly popular manga Doraemon is coming back to print with a new volume of Doraemon+. This volume will be released in December after a long gap of 9 years to celebrate several anniversaries related to the robotic cat character. The last version was released back in 2014.

The best thing about the upcoming volume of Doraemon is the fact that it will consist of additional stories that were not present in the prior volumes of the manga. Doraemon+ new volume will be released for the readers on December 1 with 20 new stories. On its release date, the manga also celebrates the anniversary of Tentomushi Comics, manga’s publishing imprint and Hiroshi Fujimoto’s (one of the manga writing duo and authors of Doraemon) birthday.

Doraemon+ is likely to feature many new stories like Doraemon’s Song and Nobita Broadcasting Corporation. Also, on the occasion of Tentomushi Comics’s 50-year anniversary, the early Tentomushi-era Doraemon stories have been printed again for the readers to show its evolution.

Additionally, there will be appearances of various side characters that readers must have seen in the prior volumes. This includes Manabu, Honyama and Suneo’s younger brother, Sunetsugu. The manga will also feature Nobita’s uncle Munashi.

Doraemon is considered one of the best mangas in Japan and other parts of the world. The story of the manga revolves around Nobita Nobi, a ten-year-old schoolboy who’s kind-hearted but also weak, lazy and not very good at school.

However, to help Nobita, his future grandchild sends him a robotic cat called Doraemon from the future (22nd century) so he can live a better life. With his incredible gadgets and four-dimensional pouch, Doraemon helps Nobita whenever he struggles with any problem.
Doraemon manga was first serialized back in December 1969. It also has anime adaptations and over 40 animated movies.

Doraemon has also been an inspiration to many famous mangakas, including Eiichiro Oda of One Piece and Masashi Kishimoto of Naruto.

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