De Profundis by Oscar Wilde

Our guest is Stephen Fry, writer, actor and polymath, who last week joined John and Andy in person to discuss Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis, the essay addressed to Lord Alfred Douglas ‘from the depths’ of Wilde’s incarceration in Reading Gaol in 1897. It has been described by Colm Tóibín as ‘one of the greatest love letters ever written’; it is also Wilde’s most powerful testament of the sacred duty of the artist as he conceived it. We discuss the work’s convoluted publication history, Wilde’s posthumous reputation and his ongoing relevance in the 21st century. In addition, Andy has been reading Hayley Campbell’s fascinating All the Living and the Dead (Raven Books), which he describes as “a work of true rigour mortis”; while John digs enthusiastically into Villager (Unbound), the new novel from writer and former Backlisted guest Tom Cox.

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14:19 – All the Living and the Dead by Hayley Campbell
21:06 – Villager by Tom Cox
25:52 – De Profundis by Oscar Wilde

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